Baltimore False Arrest Attorney: $200,000.00 Settlement – No Physical Injuries

In a rather interesting fashion, a plaintiff in Baltimore City was awarded over $270,000.00 in a lawsuit against one of the city’s officers even though there was no physical harm visited upon the plaintiff. The city understandably filed an appeal, but a $200,000.00 settlement was reached prior to a ruling on the appeal.

The judgment and eventual settlement reflect a significant sum of money for a case without physical injuries. But this goes to show you what a good lawyer dealing with the right facts and, perhaps, a jury suspicious of the police can achieve. First, the Plaintiff was allegedly arrested for being a “black smart ass” according to his testimony of the reason provided by the arresting officer. Secondly, the plaintiff sounds like an excellent professional working as a Defense Department analyst. This position undoubtedly comes with it a certain level of security clearance. The possibility that the false arrest may impact his ability to get certain positions probably played an important role for the jury in their verdict.

Baltimore city juries continue to be some of the best juries in the state for plaintiffs and this verdict is proof of that. This fact does not sit well with  officer who decried the verdict and settlement who according to the Baltimore Sun stated, “It’s unbelievable,” Reeping said Tuesday about the settlement. “He had no injuries at all. You get $200,000, for what?” The police have accused the city of settling cases too quickly and advocated for more cases to go to trial.

In in its response, the city has argued that settlements are aimed at reducing the expense of litigation. In fact, a quick search of the the database of cases against the city police shows the following statement on at least once case that was settled earlier this year.

The City of Baltimore settled the case for $150,000, without any admission of liability on the part of the Defendant, to avoid the time, expense and uncertainties of protracted litigation on February 11, 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about the cases filed against the city’s police officers you can go to the Baltimore City Law Database.

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