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Truck accidents claims are different from other accident claims for a number of reasons. First, trucks are often owned and operated by two or more entities creating several layers of responsibility for the condition of the truck. Secondly, the trucking industry is heavily regulated creating additional responsibilities for drivers, owners and operators. A violation of these responsibilities may create the basis for liability.


Finally, it is possible that a defective part in the truck may have played a role in the accident making the manufacturer a potential defendant. Therefore, while the first instinct may be to simply allege the driver of the truck did something wrong, the amount of your recovery will depend on how much deeper your understanding and research of the claim is. A drivers liability insurance may limit coverage to a $1 million dollars while an owner or manufacturer will most likely have coverage well above that figure.


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As a result of the potential for the driver, owner/operator and manufacturer to play a role in an accident, truck accident cases present unique challenges. Add to that the impact of both state and federal regulations and you have the makings of a complex case. The injuries from these types of cases are also likely to be more significant than other vehicles which means that clients face a long time of recovery or permanent injuries.  The US Department of Transportation reports that there were over 256 000 accidents involving large trucks in 2011 and that out of those 60,000 resulted in injuries. Working with an experienced Maryland truck accident lawyer, while not necessary, ensures that your claim is in the hand of a knowledgeable and effective advocate fighting for your rights.


At the law office of Joseph K. Githuku, LLC, our sole focus is securing the highest level of compensation possible for your case. Potential Causes of Truck Accidents including:


  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Faulty brakes
  • Failure to check blind spot
  • Tire blowouts or other defects
  • Distracted driving – cell phone, navigation systems or other electronics may distract drivers
  • Trailer hitch glitches and decoupling
  • Failure to secure loads properly
  • Falling debris
  • Faulty windshield wipers or defrosters
  • Poor or absent maintenance


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