Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer: Patient Awarded $500K for Mocking by the Doctor

A jury in Virginia ordered an anesthesiologist to pay a man a half million dollars for partly mocking him while he was unconscious and also for medical malpractice. According to audio recording, which the patient began to record right before he was rendered unconscious, the doctor is heard mocking the man’s manhood and alleging he had other illnesses etc. It is pretty bad to hear a doctor describe diseases that the patient didn’t have and for good measure note it on his chart. To listen to some of the audio go to

We live in the age of smart phones that can document anything and everything. From police misconduct cases to this type of misconduct, the average consumer is finding new ways to fight back. We all should take notice. Let’s be nice to each other for the sake of doing so. But if that is not enough motivation you never know who is recording you. Even though some states require a two person consent for recording as did Virginia, the judge in that case allowed the tape in. That issue will probably be appealed. However, her personal reputation and business could suffer if other patients as well as doctors become wary of dealing with the particular doctor.