Added costs of a DUI conviction

Following a DUI arrest, individuals find themselves staring at a dizzying array of issues from hiring an attorney, paying for an attorney and how this will impact their day-to-day lives. After the initial case is resolved, however, the impact of a conviction is just beginning to materialize. If you had to get an interlock, you have to get used to using one and the monthly bill that comes with it. Do the points assessed impact your ability to work? Below is a list of additional things that one may encounter after a dui conviction that should be accounted for.

Obvious Ones

  1. Your auto insurance company may drop your insurance or jack up the cost of your insurance to a point where it is not manageable!
  2. For CDL drivers, your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) could be suspended or completely taken away. Some employers will not hire you if you have had a suspension on your CDL!
  3. Interlock for a year! You or your vehicle could be electronically monitored.

Not So Obvious Problems

  1. Could your health insurance premiums go up? Some insurers check things like this.
  2. Is your security clearance safe? Probably, but do you really want to have that conversation? I do not think so.
  3. Will you be allowed to drive that company car?
  4. Like any other conviction of a serious crime, you could lose out on a job.
  5. Some Countries just like some states in the US consider a DUI offense a crime of moral turpitude and may deny you entry. Forget that dream vacation or job assignment overseas.
  6. Staying with immigration issues. Non-citizens may have their citizenship application denied due to having more than one DUI conviction.

As you probably knew and this post confirms, DUI arrest in Maryland can costs more than the upfront embarrassment of arrest and money for legal fees as well as fines. The long term costs can be devastation. Paying higher insurance premiums for several years will take thousands of dollars out of your pockets.

Therefore, if you have had a drink consider getting a ride home. But if you made the mistake do not compound the problem. Call a knowledgeable DUI attorney to start your defense today. As you can see, your future depends on it.