Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer – Citi Bank to Pay $7B Fine for Bad Loans

Citi Bank is to pay $7 billion dollars in fines and relief to consumers for wrongdoing tied to the mortgage crisis. The deal includes borrower relief such as mortgage modifications. For more go to Techinsider.  →

SunTrust Settles case about Faulty Mortgages

SunTrust has reached a $968 million settlement with the Justice Department that includes money for homeowner relief and a requirement that the company improve its handling of mortgage loans and foreclosures. For the full story go to ABC News. Maryland will  →

Mortgage Complaints on the Rise

The Constant Transfer of Mortgages Weighs on Homeowners Has your mortgage informed you that a new company is in charge of your mortgage? You are not alone. The loans are changing hands like hot potatoes! In a recent article on  →

Another Bank Settles with Fannie and Freddie

Credit Suisse to pay $234 million to Fannie Mae and $651 million to Freddie Mac Federal Housing Finance Agency has recovered more than $10.1 billion from banks over the sale of toxic mortgage backed securities. Settlements have also being reached  →

Alleged Wells Fargo Bank Foreclosure Manual Released

A foreclosure manual purportedly belonging to Wells Fargo Bank has been released online by Washington The manual was discovered as part of a foreclosure case by a New York attorney. The manual allegedly contains instructions for the bank’s attorneys  →

HAMP Mod Interest Rates to Rise

For 2013, one in 487 Maryland homeowners faced foreclosure proceedings according to The state is experiencing a sustained high rate of foreclosure partly due to the the fact that it is considered a judicial state. This means that the lenders  →

What is a Hardship Discharge?

Are you in a chapter 13 bankruptcy case? Have you experience unforeseen expenses, job loss, illness, injury or other difficulties. What can you do if you can’t make the plan payments? The Bankruptcy Code, 1328(b)has one potential solution that you  →

Avoid Bankruptcy Scammers

It seems that whenever folks are desperate for help there is always a potential for unscrupulous entities swooping in. For example, in a recent case in Detroit, MI a petition preparer was sentenced to four (4) years in prison for  →

Sample Letters to Mortgage Servicers to Guide Consumers

Living up to their stated missiion of protecting consumers, the CFPB has issues a series of sample lettter that consumers can use to interact with mortgage companies. Sample Letters: Sample letters include Requesting that a servicer correct errors: Do you think  →

Protect your Tax Refund in Bankruptcy

One universal fear whenever folks are thinking of filing bankruptcy is whether they are going to lose their valued possessions. For most folks they are worried about losing their home, car or tax refunds. Most folks are relieved to know  →