Numerous Divorce Lawyers – How to Choose One

We are living in age where divorce and custody disputes are more common than ever. In fact, a significant part of the Circuit Courts in Maryland job is resolving these types of disputes. It is fact of life whether we like it or not. When your family or relationship comes to an end, you could be in trouble if you do not have a divorce lawyer on your side. I

A basic search for a divorce lawyers in the Maryland area on google gives you ten million search results.  Admittedly, not each result belongs to a divorce lawyer, but it goes to show just the available sources of information out there.  There is advertising at the very top of the page and on the sides from lawyers and non-lawyer providers such as document preparation entities. There are a hundreds if not a thousand or more choices in terms of divorce lawyer s especially if you live in or near a large metropolitan area. So how do you choose who will help you with your divorce claim?

Weeding out Part-timers from the Divorce lawyers 

If you have routine divorce and custody case without difficult property and child custody tissues, you probably can take risk with a dabbler. BUT if you have serious issues such as multiple properties, businesses started during the marriage or a high conflict custody battle you want to talk to only those divorce lawyer s who spend their days handling these types of cases. Here’s a way to weed out the dabblers who handle the occasional divorce case.

Experience with Opposing Counsel

Divorce lawyers deal with other divorce lawyers and the courts every day. You don’t. Neither does someone dabbling in divorce cases. Experienced divorce lawyer s are often familiar with the courts and the lawyers on the other side. That experience and knowledge can be crucial in settling cases or deciding to go to trial. A divorce attorney also understands how to negotiate with the other side to get you the fairest settlement possible.

Knows His/Her Stuff

Experienced divorce lawyers know the ins and outs of divorce and custody laws. They are also familiar with the informal settlement process that occurs outside of court over phone calls or in conference rooms just as well the settlement conferences held by the courts. This experience and knowledge can be beneficial to your case.

Being Able to Talk about Complex Financial Issues is Important

Lawyers who concentrate on divorce cases have the opportunity to review many financial documents and reports. Whether it is business tax returns, profit and loss statement or shareholder agreements, experienced divorce lawyers are comfortable handling these documents. They also talk with experts such as accountants, business evaluation professionals or retirement personnel when dealing with high net worth cases where division of assets is at issue.

Experience dealing with complex financial documents I important because you need to explain them in ways that the other side and the judge can understand. A fundamental understanding of these documents can be crucial in structuring settlements to guarantee maximum value for the client.

Trial Experience

While not fair, the ability and experience to take a case to trial, if known by the other side, will play a role on the settlement talks. If the other side thinks it has the upper hand they are unlikely to offer reasonable terms or back away from their positions. Therefore, it is likely you can settle for a not-so-great deal or spend more money to resolve the matter because the other side failed to compromise until the eve of trial or worse in the middle of trial.


The last one is touchy-feely if you may.  It is all about how you about your lawyer? There are divorce lawyers with extensive practices or other practice areas where you may not have a whole lot of access to your lawyer. While some may be okay with that arrangement, other may opt for a one-on-one relationship with their lawyer. This is a personal preference issue. So get the right lawyer for you.

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