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SSD Benefits Initial Claims & Appeals

Are you unable to work due to a disability or illness?

Has your claim being denied?

Has your claim being pending for far too long?

A Social Security Disability lawyer may be able to help you much needed income in the form of Social Security Disability Benefits. As your Social Security Disability benefits lawyer, I work with you to navigate the byzantine system and prepare your case for the best chance of success.

I know you may be having trouble collecting your Social security or SSI Disability benefits. You may already have given up, but with perseverance, together, we can get you the benefits you deserve. Remember the Social Security Disability system is mired in long delays. In addition, The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many initial applications and appeals. Therefore, if you think you have a case you owe to yourself to call a lawyer for help.

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Has a disability or illness left you unable to work like you did in the past? Has or is you disability expceted to last more than a year? If you answered yes, then you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Some of the conditions that may qualify you for SSD benefits include:

  • mental retardation

  • blindness or deafness

  • breathing problems

  • cancer

  • chronic heart disease

  • extreme psoriasis involving hands and feet

  • HIV positive

  • immune system disorders

  • mental disorders

  • multiple sclerosis

  • neurological disorders

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • seizures despite the use of medication

If your condition is not listed here feel free to call and discuss your situation. IN addition, the Social Security Administration has helpful information that you can find here.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

If you have not worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, it is possible that you qualifty for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. The SSI program was established to provide for people who are disabled, blind or 65 or older who do not qualify for SSD benefits.

Do you think you have a case? Contact a Social Security Disability lawyer to discuss your eligibility. benefits.

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