An arrest represents one of the most jarring experiences in life. An arrest for a crime one did not commit and without probable cause, commonly referred to as a false arrest can be traumatic and life altering. A criminal background will most likely impact all aspects of one’s life, personal and professional. .

Let us walk through what a false arrest is and the steps to correct the injustice whenever it occurs.


A false arrest is said to have occurred whenever a person is taken into custody without the officer having probable cause to justify the arrest. The law requires police officers to have probable cause that a crime has been committed in order to effectuate arrest otherwise they risk violating the civil rights of the person being arrested.

Probable cause requires an officer a reasonable basis for believing that a crime may have been committed. It follows therefore that if an officer knows or a reasonable officer should have known that there was no proper basis for the arrest then that office may be guilty of a false arrest.


If you suspect that you have being wrongfully arrested and have suffered severe harm you should immediately start a diary reflecting your best recollection of how things transpired. You cannot afford to rely on your memory especially if the case goes to trial which could be months or longer after the false arrest.

As everyone who was present to the same. Secondly, ask if anyone with a smart phone has video or audio recording of the incident. We have all see the power of video of the past few weeks from our own city, Baltimore, to Charleston. Video documenting misconduct is some of the most powerful evidence because it places the judge and jury right in the incident.


Successfully presenting a wrongful arrest claim is not easy and you can benefit from having experience counsel representing you. Talk to a Baltimore false arrest lawyer to help you with putting the facts and other evidence necessary to present you demand and your case to a jury if it goes to trial.

Remember, a false arrest illegally takes away your freedom your everyday life. It may also lead to mental distress from having to deal with potentially embarrassing information and the risk of job loss or loss of future income from lack of advancement due to a criminal record.

If you have been wrongfully arrested you deserve to be compensated for the negative impact on your life and those in your life. If you think you have a case call 410-849-9529.