Hundreds of Accident Lawyers –  Choose One

Accidents happens all around us every day. The severity of each incident depends on the circumstances. How many times have been stuck in traffic because of a fender bender? When it does happen and you suffer serious injuries, it could cost you not to have a lawyer on your side. It is not accident that car insurance companies have armies of lawyers at their disposal. You need an advocate as well to ensure fair compensation.

A quick google search for accident lawyers in the Maryland area returns seven million search results. I know that all of those results do not mean that there are that many lawyers, but it gives you an idea of how many choices you have. It goes beyond the first advertising you see on the page. Beyond the first couple of names and phone numbers you find on what is known as the google places/local pack. There are a hundreds if not a thousand or more choices in terms of personal injury lawyers especially if you live in or near a large metropolitan area. So how do you choose who will help you with your personal injury claim?

Differentiating between Accident Lawyers and Dabblers

If you have routine personal injury case such as whiplash and soft tissues, you probably can take risk with a dabbler. BUT if you have serious injuries you want to talk to only those accident lawyers who spend their days handling these types of cases. Here’s a way to weed out the dabblers who handle the occasional personal injury case.

Experience Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers deal with insurance companies every day. You don’t. Neither does someone dabbling in personal injury cases. Experienced car crash lawyers are well known to insurance adjusters and the lawyers on the other side. That experience and knowledge can be crucial in settling cases or deciding to go to trial. An attorney also understands how to negotiate with auto insurance companies to get you the fairest settlement possible.


Experienced accident lawyers know the ins and outs of the law and the informal settlement process that occurs outside of court over phone calls or in conference rooms. This knowledge is brought to bear in every case and gives you an advantage.

Being Able to Talk About Injuries and their Impact

Lawyers who focus in accident cases routinely interact with a variety of medical experts from physical therapists, nurse practitioners to physician specialists in any given year. Overtime, they talk legal almost as well as they talk doctor. It is important because you need to break down diagnosis in ways that a judge and jury can understand. Just throwing complex medical terms before a jury may leave them confused and not able to connect with the experience of the injured plaintiff. This connection is critical to obtaining maximum compensation.

Courtroom Experience

This one goes without saying. If the insurance company knows the personal injury lawyer is not afraid of trial and can handle his own in the courtroom that may play a role in terms of the settlement offers presented. Your case may concluded much faster and for a higher amount than with another attorney.


The last one is more personal. It is all about how you interact connect with your lawyer. There are accident lawyers with hundreds or thousands of client and you may not deal directly with your lawyer. This fact may not matter to you, but some are more comfortable with a personal approach and may like a firm that can do that. These are just of the things I think you ought to think about as you make your choice. Now that you have this information narrow down those million-plus results to three or more personal injury lawyers and talk to each one until you get the right one for you.

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