Identifying Your Mesh or Sling

Did you undergo POP surgery or SUI surgery? Are experiencing side effects such as ? You may have hard of the lawsuit pending against manufacturers of the transvaginal mesh and the tvt-slings. But you do not know whether your treatment involved these products.

The first place to look is your treating physician and medical records. Your treating physician may,upon review of your records, tell you what mesh or sling was utilized in your surgery, In addition, you have the right to obtain your medical records from you providers to review that information. If you have difficult feel free to call our office for assistance.

Secondly, your insurance billing will contain information about services received and paid for including medical prescriptions and equipment used in your treatment. Finally, certain products contain a special medical device identifier as required by the FDA.

If you undergo surgery to fix  defective mesh or sling, talk to your doctor about keeping the defective mesh so you can clearly identify it. It is your right to save the product.

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