Important Life Lessons from the NBA Finals That We Can All Benefit From

  1. Sacrificing for the Greater good.

Imagine you are a proven NBA Star with a salary to match. All star? Check. Then at the beginning of the season your coach says to you have to give up your starting position in order for the team to win! This has often gone so badly that it was risky move for Steve Kerr. But this time the player was Andre Iguodala, an 11-year veteran of the league.

He bought what Steve Kerr was selling and so did the rest of his team mates. Andrew Bogut has to seat the last three games of the finals! Think about that. You started all year and here you are on the door the promise land and the coach says. You have to take a seat for us to bring it home. He did and encouraged Iguadala to go out there strong.

The result? 67 wins in the regular season. Basically the owned the NBA. To cap it all off with a championship and an MVP for Iguadala is the perfect example of teamwork at its best.

  1. Be open to all voices within your circle

The Cleveland Cavaliers were up 2 games to 1 against the heavily favored Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Steve Kerr, the warriors head coach had to take action and fast otherwise his team was about to suffer the worst upset in an NBA Finals.

In came Nick U’ren whose title is special assistant to the head coach and made the suggestion to put Andre Iguadala in the starting lineup. The Warriors team went small and won three games in a row. The genius of it all is that Iguadal became the Finals MVP! What?!?! A guy who did not start a single game all season starts three in the finals and wins it. Wow.

You just never know where the next brilliant idea will come from. Listen. Let people around you know you are ready to listen. Empower them.