Maryland DUI/DWI Interlock Providers

If you are unfortunate enough to be required to install an interlock on your vehicle then one of these providers can help. As you may know, an interlock is installed on your car to verify the absence of alcohol in your system when starting the car as well as during the drive. Simply put if the device detects alcohol in your system it will simply not start.  The device requires a breath sample by the driver in order to start the car and again during the course of driving.

As a Maryland DUI lawyer, I can tell that you may be required to install an interlock device as a result of a number of things. First, if you blow .15 or higher you can request the interlock in lieu of a suspension. New rules requires at least 6 months of interlock if you are found guilty of a DUI and blew .20 or higher. For those who refuse to blow and face suspension this can be a way to maintain your license.

The following locations are certified by Maryland’s MVA:

Draeger Interlock


Smart Start Interlock

Alcohol Detection Systems

Guardian Interlock

Obviously, these are private entities and therefore buyer beware. Shop a couple of providers and compare costs as well as service before settling on one company.