National Highway Transportation Safey Administration Accused of Lapses

In a recent news report, the National Highway Safety Administration has been accused of failing to catch the problem with the General Motors ignition switches despite ample opportunities. The auditor report that contains a double whammy for the NHTSA.

First, the NHTSA is accused of failing to properly collect the data, or if you may evidence, of safety issues. Secondly, whenever it noted a problem it did not hold car makers accountable.

As you know, by now the GM ignition switch problem resulted in deaths of more than 100 people and in one of the biggest recall in history. The auditor suggests that had the NHTSA done its job it may have caught the issue much earlier and perhaps prevented some of these problems.

These findings are problematic because we do not know what problem is lurking around the corner. If the NHTSA with it authority and data collection ability is not connecting dots then who will?