Safety Questions Raised about Blood Clot Device

In a recent NBCNews report, disturbing details are emerging about a medical device implanted in thousands of Americans to prevent blood clots and one ghastly question is whether whether the manufacturer withheld information about the devices’ flaws.

The device in question is the the Recovery filter which is a spider-shaped apparatus manufactured by C.R. Bard.. Doctors typical insert the device into a vein.

27 deaths have been associated with the device according to NBC News.

Allegedly C.R. Bard hired an outside doctor to conduct a confidential study of the device and concluded that it performed poorly when compared to competitors. The device apparently had  the highest relative risk of fracture, movement and death. An example of the fracturing was reported to the Food and Drug Administration in November 2007 indicating that parts of the filter broke off and became lodged in patient’s lungs.

It appears this information was not made public until now which is not shocking given that it is the kind of information that the manufacturer knows would hurt sales and the bottom line. The problem now however is whether patients can legitimately argue that if they knew the device performed so poorly relative to other competitors would they have chosen a different device?

This report will only add fuel to the various claimants who have or are contemplating filing suit against Bard. This type of corporate malfeasance puts the public in danger and should be severely punished.