Potential debtors faced a terrible dilemma. The private school where their son had attended high school had refused to release his transcripts. Without the transcripts their son was going to be denied a football scholarship.

They had the choice of coming up with thousands of dollars that they didn’t have or watching their son’s scholarship disappear into thin air. Dad has been unemployed for over six months. Refusing to live with those options, the parents contacted me to explore whether a bankruptcy filing could help them obtain the transcripts. A bankruptcy filing has the power of automatic stay which means that all collection activity such as withholding transcripts has to stop immediately upon filing. Therefore, if I filed their case the high school would be required to release the transcripts.

The parents came to my office with just days before the scholarship deadline. I worked feverishly over the phone, email and fax to prepare the bankruptcy petition within a day. The next morning I was able to file the petition. By noon of that day I received confirmation that the school was going to release the transcripts!

Wow. I do not know about you, but that made my week! Here’s an 18 year old whose dream of going to college on a football scholarship hang in the balance and in a small way I was able to keep that dream alive.

This amazing outcome affirms for me the reason I wanted to become a lawyer. I wanted to make a difference and on that day I was able to do just that.


Joe Githuku




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