Baltimore FDCPA Lawyer: Wells Fargo Sued for Calling

About Deceased Mom’s Mortgage

In a particularly egregious and perhaps most tone deaf example of debt collection shenanigans, a woman has filed suit alleging Wells Fargo called her about her deceased mother’s mortgage. Just let that settle in. Now the initial calls can be excused but continuous calls are certainly unseemly and may very well violate debt collection laws.

One way it may violate debt collection law is the harassment factor associated with multiple calls per day and the fact that the alleged debtor was long deceased. The St. Petersburg, Florida woman hopes to stop bad practices by the bank.

“You have rights, and you have the right to tell them to stop calling. And if they keep calling, it’s a violation of federal law,” said the woman’s lawyer.

In addition to the right to request a debt collector to stop calling, you are entitled to receive  in writing information about the amount of debt, the creditor and your rights.  More importantly you have 30 days to dispute the debt and the debt collector/creditor has to investigate the debt and acknowledge the request within 30 days.

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For the lawsuit go to Hicks v. Wells Fargo Bank.