Baltimore DUI Lawyer: 8th DUI Arrest: Case for Mandatory Interlock?

In a recent traffic stop in Dover, Delaware, a man was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. While a DUI arrest is an everyday affair, this particular stop was nothing but.   WMDT reports that once the officer pulled this man’s information, he was startled to find out that he had 7 prior arrests for DUI spanning almost two decades. Help can not come sooner for this man.

As you can imagine, this many number of arrests, DUI or otherwise, have to be debilitating to his life and for those around him. A life spent in and out of jails is at a minimum stressful if not fatal to one’s relationships. This stress not only impacts him but also his loved ones.

The charges indicate that he was driving on a suspended license. It is plausible to think that after the first couple of DUIs the license was yanked. Without a license your mobility options may be severely limited depending on where you live. This would also impact your job prospects. Not many employers are willing to work with an unreliable employee let alone one who may pose an insurance risk. He probably has issues getting insurance and if any one will issue a policy it will be expensive. DUI arrests also hit your wallet big time.

Finally, if these issues are not enough to keep someone from driving while impaired, the risk to one’s own life and everyone else should be a wake up call. No wonder Mothers Against Drunk Driving is calling for interlock for all those convicted of a DUI starting at the legal limit .08. Right now the interlock applies to anyone convicted with .15 BAC or higher. If that goes into effect you can add the financial burden and all the hassles that come with using the interlock to the list of deterrents.

My advice is that if you have had more than a couple of drinks you should not drive and, in fact, for some even a drink might be too much. You know yourself best. Are you feeling a buzz? Don’t drive. Your life or someone else’s may be depend on it.