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For a brief overview of the bankruptcy process view this video. Please note that I am not affiliated with the legal aid society of Kentucky  and the video is presented for informational purpose only.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals and couples to obtain a fresh start by discharging their personal responsibility to pay a wide range of consumer debts.  Debtors can file bankrupty to remove the financial burden of credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills, apartment lease debt and repossession deficiencies.

In order to file a chapter 7 in Maryland, you have to qualify based on the median income of your household. The U.S. Trustee’s office issues the median income per each household in every state on a quarterly basis. Looking at median income is a good starting point for determining your eligibility to file a chapter 7.  More often than not, if your income is below the median income for your household you can file a chapter 7 and receive a discharge. If your income is higher you have to pass the means test to qualify for a chapter 7.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Is your income higher than the median income, but you are still struggling to pay your bills? Do you need to stop a foreclosure sale of your home and pay the arrears over time? A chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you. Consisting of a 3 0r 5 year payment plan, chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to reorganize their financial affairs.

Once again, debtors have to contend with the median income guidelines and means test. In chapter 13 bankruptcy, the means test calculation produces your disposable monthly income. While not required by statute, it is often the chapter 13 trustee’s position that every penny of the disposable monthly income should be paid to creditors through the plan.

For those who earn less than the median income then your plan can be 3 years. For high income earners, you are limited to a 5 year plan unless you are paying 100% of the debt. As a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, I have helped numerous individuals and couples save their homes from foreclosure and pay the mortgage arrears over time.


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Are contemplating making a change in your life. Have you moved out already? Let us talk about the next steps and work together to shape your future? Call a Baltimore divorce lawyer today.  

Custody and Child Support

How are my going to support my children live before and after the divorce? What about the financial resources necessary to make sure the children are taken care of? How will make sure I remain in my child’s life during the separation and divorce process?

Divorce cases are already stressful enough without a fight over children, hence, it is prudent to work with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to act as a resource and advocate. 

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Do you have a minor traffic violation or a  DUI/DWI? Are you facing jail time or points? Call me to aggressively investigate the case and mitigate the consequences.  


 Personal Injury

Have you being injured due to someone else’s mistake? Whether its a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, medical malpractice or nursing home negligence, I can help you investigate and enforce your right. Do you have a case, call 410-849-9529.

General litigation

Small business: Is that contract dispute giving you a headache?

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